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#5 Taylor Lo: Mamba Mentality. Basketball star to closing $10MM deals in China

Episode Summary

On Jan 26th 2020, the tragic death of the late basketball icon Kobe Bryant and his daughter shocked the world. Kobe's passion, focus and dedication in which he approached his life inspired a generation, and his mantra of the "Mamba Mentality" has resonated with millions. Taylor Lo is one of them. Once the top-ranked basketball player under 16 in Hong Kong, Taylor was forced to give up the game he loved. Over the next decade, he re-invented himself to become the globally top-performing business development manager at the online travel company Expedia, and finally realized his dream of becoming a top level semi-professional athlete. In his own words, this is how Taylor embodies Mamba Mentality and maintains a steadfast, unwavering focus in constantly improving himself in all facets of his life.

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