Will and Lee Show

#4 Joe Cha: Doing it all. Then finding happiness on his own terms.

Episode Summary

We have a chance to dive into a topic that I think is extremely important and relevant to everyone, which is the concept of happiness and personal fulfillment.

Episode Notes

Our guest is Joe Cha, who’s story can be divided into two acts. The first half of Joe’s life, by most standards, would be considered impressive and inspiring. Growing up in SoCal, Joe attended some of the top universities in the world, with multiple degrees from Stanford, as well an MBA from Harvard Business School. He has had a storied career, which includes being a one time consultant bringing multinational companies to China in the early 90’s, a tech entrepreneur who founded one of the hottest companies that raised millions of dollars during the first dotcom boom, he was also a corporate executive at Yahoo at the height of the platform’s influence.

However, through all of these experiences and accomplishments, while at times rewarding, Joe found only fleeting moments of happiness and satisfaction with his life. It took a perfect storm of personal and professional challenges that up-ended Joe’s world for him to redefine his values, priorities and life goals, and embark on the second chapter of his life.

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