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#16 Mindy Zhang: A High Achiever’s Guide to a Meaningful Life

Episode Summary

Following the example set by her parents, Mindy has always been a high achiever. Wharton, Dropbox, First Round, Oscar Health. But achievement wasn't enough, so she redesigned her life for meaning. We discuss her mother, her career, and how to find meaning as a high achiever.

Episode Notes

Mindy’s mother was sent to the countryside to do manual labor during the Cultural Revolution. When the government resumed the college entrance exam, her mother out-competed the entire country to earn a spot at China's top university.

Like her parents, Mindy is a high achiever. She graduated summa cum laude from Wharton. Built the New York City product team for Dropbox. And led growth for Oscar Health as the Director of Product. Oscar Health recently IPO'd.

But she found achievement wasn't everything. Her search for meaning led her to reignite and rebuild her relationship with her mother after years of distance. She redesigned her life based on her own definition of success. Today, Mindy has taken the learnings from her journey to help other high achievers find fulfillment.

As a career coach, she partners with leaders and teams who want to achieve big things without forgetting what matters. She also has a  newsletter, The Reset. Where she writes a guide for high achievers seeking greater clarity and fulfillment.

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